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     "And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads."  -Revelation 7:2-3

A Bible based media ministry dedicated to end time presentations, studies, health, news, & information because Jesus is coming soon!

3ABN Videos

3ABN Videos

Download 3ABN Produced Videos Directly from Our Satellite Recording System via HTTP/FTP
***This project is currently in experimental status.***

Welcome to the Sealing Time Ministries FTP server.
     Please note that there is a limited amount of bandwidth & connections available as this is a home/office based server. 
If you would like to help this project grow, please consider supporting it.

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Goal & Overview

     Our goal with this project is to make quality 3ABN produced programming available for download by anyone around the world for the express purpose of sharing the gospel.   -How to Connect


     We record about 10 programs a day on average with the majority of these being 3ABN produced.  The videos available here are from our custom 3ABN satellite recording system.  It's similar to a PVR but much more complicated.  When the files are named, logged, quality checked, recompressed, and audio normalized we allow them to pool up prior to archiving them.  Once the videos reach this folder they are now available online until they are archived off the system.   -How to Connect

Sharing Statement

     The videos currently shared here are part of our custom 3ABN satellite recording system.  These videos are all 3ABN productions and are legal for not-for-profit sharing according to the 3ABN terms of use.  They are shared here as part of our ministry.  We are not affiliated in any way with 3ABN.   -How to Connect

Video Updates

     The videos that are available here will change from time to time as our system processes them through and archives them.  Check back periodically for new content.  The videos go through a process before they arrive in this location.  This means that it can take from several days to several weeks after a video is recorded before it will show up here.   -How to Connect

Video Format & Quality

     All videos are recorded in the DivX format.  Visit www.divx.comwww.divx.com for the latest version of this free decoder/player.  Video dimensions are 592x448 with a video bit rate of either 800k or 2000k depending on what we are recording.  Audio is all 192kb at 48khz.  Our recording system is actually quite complicated and we have designed many custom software "robots" to help in file management, file naming and batch audio normalizing.  File sizes average from 500mb to 1Gb.   -How to Connect

Support & Planned Expansion

     Currently it takes over $1,000 a year to provide electricity to the systems and computers, monthly internet connection fees, and web hosting for this project.  This does not include any kind of labor or hardware/connection upgrades, etc.  Because of this we greatly appreciate your support.

     This project is currently hosted on a file server from our home/office that shares bandwidth with our ministry connection.  This means there is very limited bandwidth available.  We would like to increase the bandwidth and connections available by installing a second dedicated high speed internet connection.  This is an area that we need your support in.

     Our library contains several thousand hours of 3ABN programming.  We have been recording since 2002 in various capacities and are more than willing to share it all online if there is enough regular support.  It will take quite a few very large hard drives to house all the programming we have archived.  It will also take several large servers to house it all.  We custom build our own servers and workstations so it can be done for fairly reasonable costs.  Your support could make this project expand into a gift to everyone around the world.  If enough support develops for this project we can make several thousand hours of 3ABN produced video available that we have archived. 

     You can donate at www.SealingTime.com/onlinestorewww.SealingTime.com/onlinestore.  Please insert a note during your checkout process so we know to apply your gift.

How to Connect

     There are two ways to connect to our file server.  You can use your browser or an FTP client program such as Filezilla or CuteFTP, etc.  We highly recommend using a download manager with your browser or an FTP client program because they will allow you to reconnect and resume your download should you lose your connection.  Please remember this is a home based server and active workstation and we do have to take it down from time to time.

  • FTP - Visit http://filezilla-project.org/ http://filezilla-project.org/for an excellent free FTP client program.  Then use it to login.  (This will allow you to resume your downloads.)
    • Hostname: 
    • User Name: 
    • Password: 
    • Port: 
  • HTTP - Click here to connect directly to the server through your browser. (If connecting only through your browser you will not be able to resume your download should you lose your connection so please consider using Free Download Manager with your browser if you connect in this way.) Please remember that this form of connection may not work well with our complex filenames. If you are experiencing any problems starting a download try the FTP connection method listed above.
    • Visit www.freedownloadmanager.orgwww.freedownloadmanager.org for an excellent free download manager.  Free Download Manager works with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to help you download files.  Once FDM is installed simply visit the HTTP site again in your browser and FDM will download the files for you and allow you to resume.

Please be kind and do not abuse this server. 
If there are no connections available please try back at a later time.  Thank you!


 If you are experiencing a problem, want to comment, have a suggestion, or just want to say hi please contact us.


Recorded 3ABN video available on DVD

    These are recordings we have made from 3ABN via satellite to share with others.  3ABN programming is free and can be received in some form in most of the inhabited continents around the world.  Sharing 3ABN produced media is permitted as stated in their fair use policy as stated in the following link/statement.  "3ABN permits the not-for-profit recording and distribution of television and radio programs produced by 3ABN..."  This ministry is not affiliated in any way with 3ABN.  We share 3ABN produced programs, and other fair use programs as a not for profit ministry.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

DVD's available for Sharing

Online Streaming Video

Sabbath Keeping Bees and Birds?

*These videos are currently available in online streaming format only.


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